Poem of the Week #9

Finally, Poem of the Week is back. This time it’s a little bit of fun I wrote for my son when he was in primary school.

There have been several reasons why it’s taken me so long to get around to putting up another PotW; I was busy with my novels, it’s been a crazy year and I’ve had other things to take care of apart from my writing, I’m just lazy. But there is another reason as well. The idea of PotW was to present poems that I could talk about, not just ones I thought would be fun to read. I wanted to give some idea about what was involved in the writing process, where the ideas came from, how I went about editing or rewriting them, etc, and what I’ve found is that the poems I have most to say about are (generally speaking) my more recent ones. For a start I can still remember how, when and where I wrote them, I still have my early drafts so I can work through the creative process more easily, and also I think the work I’m producing at the moment is (again, generally speaking) some of my best. But this is where the problem lies, because these are also the poems I’m still submitting for publication, and so often the rules of competitions require poems to be unpublished. And even my own website counts as publication.

So either I have to dig through my very-much-older back catalogue and hope I can remember enough to make it interesting, or I have to wait until something more recent gets published, thereby freeing it up for PotW. So if you promise not to complain when there isn’t a new poem every week, I promise to make more of an effort to get my stuff published.

Let’s see how that works.

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